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I've been blessed to enjoy the Stampin' Up! experience for over 26 years so far!!! 

I shared some of that journey HERE  

These are my top 10 reasons I have been a demonstrator this long in no particular order: 
Please note that each demonstrator gets to pick and choose their Stampin' UP! experience from amazing perks, opportunities and exlcusive communities and it all begins with our no risk starter kit
I'd love to chat with you about how you can enjoy the Stampin' UP! experience based on what you love, enjoy and want. 
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1  Possibilities

2. Opportunities

3. Friends

4. My team of RemARKable Stampers

5. Great products all in one place 

6. I've grown as a person because of Stampin' Up!

7. Travel

8. My Family 

9. Never paying full price - I love being a happy shopper and my own best customer enjoying the customer perks . host perks all while receiving full demonstrator perks based on the retail price not the price I pay! 

10. Helping others enjoy the Stampin' UP! experience in a way that best fits what they want, need and enjoy. 


These are  my top 10 reasons. But I love that Stampin' UP! can be anything you make it and with my experience I can help you write your own remarkable Stampin'UP! story. 

Reasons #1 and #2  are why  I know that you can develop your own top 10 list. Stampin' UP! makes anything possible for anyone and allows you to connect and join for the needs you want to fulfill. Whether you simply only ever want the discount and to enjoy being a happy shopper, want a little more or want a lot more,or are joing but even not sure yet what you want,  the possibilities and opportunities are in your control and I've seen it all in my 24+ years and welcome everyone to my team in order to help them meet those personal needs and have a RemARKabe experience as a demonstrator. Come join us today. I have welcome packets waiting, an excited team ready to welcome you and lots of benefits for being a part of my team waiting for you. 

We have recently relocated to Louisiana and have found home. We were meant to live here and are embracing all things Louisiana - the food, the people, the fishing towns, the parades, the music, the culture, the outdoor life and so much more. But regardless of where you live I thanks to modern technology and your willingness to ask questions I can provide help for your paper crafting needs!